The Chicer clothing labels were established in 2009 as products supplied predominately to the corporate and promotional trade. As a preferred supplier to many of Africa’s top resellers, our clothing soon became the product of choice to some country’s top corporate and promotional resellers. As our clothing experienced exponential growth over the last few years, the need to accelerate this organic growth became priority. This thinking lead the company to add a core gift and bag range to compliment the clothing offering. These categories were added in late 2016, the company now boasts a selection of hand-picked clothing, gifts and bag items. We are proud to say that the majority of our clothing is locally manufactured in our own production facilities in Southern Africa.

The business has quickly evolved from offering predominantly lounge shirts and blouses to the corporate and promotional industry, to a full spectrum supplier of clothing items, safari clothing, bags, gifts and outdoor shade products.

The Chicer label is a label that makes a quality statement about the products they adore. Fabrics are imported and are chosen from only the finest yarns available. Chicer garments are all locally manufactured to retail minimum specifications, and we remain one of the only wholesale suppliers to boast a local content composition on clothing of more than 90%.

The Chicer label stable consists predominantly, but not limited to, Lounge Shirts, Chino’s, Cargo Shorts and Longs, Safari Wear and Hospitality Wear all locally manufactured.